10 October 2011

De Wain Valentine's Gray Column at The Getty Center

In our continuing effort to supplement our children's education, we took them to see the 12 foot tall Gray Column at The Getty Center. This is a part of the Pacific Standard Time exhibit currently going on all over Southern California museums till May 2012. 

I was surprised to find how reflective the surface was, as the photos below show. 

I was interested in finding out what my children's reaction to the piece might be. My 3 year old daughter was more interested in the high-tech info station than the monolith. My five year old son's only verbal reaction was "It's beautiful." And then he proceeded to play with his reflection.

I love bringing my kids to The Getty at different times of the year. This time the gardens were closed so we ended up exploring more of the surroundings than we usually do. There's plenty of things to see, touch, listen to and experience for young children. I especially recommend it for home-schooled or unschooled children. 



Reflections of the opposite wall. Descriptions of how this piece was made.

I see you.

This large vase was in the next gallery over. The nun helps give some perspective so its size.

Detail of vase

Even the cafe floor at The Getty is interesting.

Playing on the large lawns is encouraged.

My son is staring at a small lizard he found crawling on the travertine stone wall. Another note for those with dinosaur fixated children, there's plenty of fossils to be found in stone walls as well. 

The children's play room gives kids a chance to touch after hearing "Don't touch!" throughout the day.

"What does it feel like?" 

Detail of creek leading to the main waterfall in the garden.


  1. Love that you are doing this. What a history for them as they grow.

  2. Spending time with your kids is the best and important just like exercising. Thanks.

  3. @gymnastics for toddlers - I couldn't agree more. Thanks for visiting. Cheers! J.

  4. That place looks awesome, I'm sure your kids wanted to touch everything in the museum. I'll be sure to check out that place one of these days.
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