06 June 2010

A day in the garden.

The hydrangeas are finally blooming in the garden.

Ever since my wedding* I've considered the hydrangea to be "my" flower. 

However, I'm still unable to make them grow and stay a green color**. 


If anyone knows how to make them stay green, please, please post your tips in the comments. 


We don't have enough room in our garden (which we measure in square inches) for a pool, so on a hot day, like this weekend, we set the kids up in their own individual beer coolers as kiddie pools .

Everyone's Happy!
* We were married in Stonefield Castle in Scotland. The castle was gracious enough to let us use their private gardens to decorate with. They had hydrangea's galore at that time of year, in beautiful shades of green, lavender , blue and pink. I now have hydrangeas where ever I live because they make me think of my wedding.

**Originally I had planned to use Lily of the Valley for my wedding bouquet, but those plans changed after seeing the soft green hydrangeas at the castle.


Now, some people celebrate the anniversary of their first date, but my husband and I celebrate what we call "Atlantis Day". So called because, after being broken up for a long time, we were reunited at the premier of the movie "Atlantis" by one of it's stars and a dear friend to the both of us, Claudia Christian. 

Well June 3rd was our "Atlantis Day" and my dear husband was able to find me a green hydrangea which I found sitting on my desk when I came home from work.

Thank you Sweetheart!!!



  1. I love the beer cooler kiddie pools---genius! And your Atlantis Day story is too sweet. I love green hydrangeas! XX Katie

  2. I will be keeping on an eye on this to see if anyone knows about the green hydrangeas. I love hydrangeas too. And, I absolutely love the beer cooler pools! Too cute!